Whats In: Wedge Heel Sneakers

One trend that is IN right now are the wedged sneakers. Sure they look completely innocent, but they're not, all of them have at least 3 inch hidden heels inside!! They look great! But the real question is are they a fad??


Okay I know your probably thinking, they look great but for me there are some major reason that this is a temporary fad. 

1) Costly 
These shoes are SO expensive the Nike ones for example are $135.00 from Nordstroms
which makes sense considering that they are Nike and from Nordstroms. 
The other ones pictured are Steve Madden and are cheaper at $99.95

2) Sketchers Knock-Offs
Sketchers has just introduced knock-off sneaker wedges and not to be mean or anything but many of the things Sketchers copy usually end up being short lived fads. And on top of that the shoes are still almost $100 bucks. Sketchers Hidden Heel Shoes

3) Mass Market
These shoes are aimed at teenagers. Sorry but if women over 30 are wearing them they just look like they are trying to be something they are not. I'm in 8th grade and these shoes are slowly becoming popular. But unless you live in rich neighborhood you may never see these. Because no teenager or parents are going to buy them $100 shoes that you can't walk long distances with.

This is just my opinion on the shoes but they do look good so if you are interested in them and have the money, go for it.

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I totally agree!!! I love this blog!