Next Big Thing: Cody Simpson

16 year-old Cody Simpson has the potential to be one of the biggest artists in music. Found on YouTube just a few years ago, and is already touring with Justin Bieber. He has released many EP's over the course of the last three years:
-Coast 2 Coast
-Preview to Paradise
And the drop of his first complete album last year: Paradise. His music is really different than what you would expect, it has a real beach vibe. The beachy vibe makes it the perfect relaxation music for just chilling. I've see him twice in concert (and met him!) and he hasn't disappointed. His voice sounds just the same and with the added covers and dance moves its worth every penny. The one thing that I don't like about him is that he reuses many of the songs from his albums. The song Iyiyi ft. Flo Rida was on two of his albums and his song All Day was also on two albums. On his latest album he released every song that was on Preview to Paradise except the song So Listen. If it was me I would of put So Listen on Paradise and taken out Gentlemen  because that is the weakest song on the album.

My favorite songs:

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