Graphing Gal's April Playlist

Listen Below:

1. Cody Simpson Pretty Brown Eyes
This song has to be one of my favorites from him, and it makes me excited to see whats coming on his next album.

2. Chris Brown Fine China
I first heard about this song when i was looking at what was new on iTunes and instantly fell in love with it, i love the retro vibe that sounds just like MJ. 

3. Demi Lovato Heart Attack 
I love this song, Demi's music has become so much better over the last few years, and this proves that her new album Demi will just continue that. 

4. Avril Lavigne Here's to Never Growing Up
Every few years we hear an Avril Lavigne song that tells us that she hasn't left the business and is the same girl we known forever.

5. OneRepublic If I Lose Myself

6. Drop City Yacht Club Crickets
I love this song so much, it has the perfect mix of retro cool music with rap and in my opinion is perfection. These guys are going to be huge.

7. Foxes Echo

8. Jake Bugg Lightning Bolt
 I have so much to say about him, so i will post an entire Next Big Thing: In Music either next week or this week.

9. Pitbull ft. The Wanted Have Some Fun

10. Hot Chelle Rae Hung Up

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