Next Big Thing: Chris Wallace

Chis wallace is one of the best "undiscovered" artists in the industry right now. He was a part of the band White Ties, which broke up in late 2010. His debut album push rewind dropped in late 2012. It was named the best breakout album of 2012 by iTunes. His music is raw pop, for fans of Hot Chelle Rae, Allstar Weekend, and any of the other pop artists in the business. His music has more of an edge that many other artists, which helps break him away from sounding too disney like.

His song Push Rewind (Remember When) made it on to the Top 100 iTunes list after being an iTunes single of the week, which is where I discovered him. The song also broke into radio stations, gaining popularity. The reason for his success has been his catchy lyrics along and mixed with the raw pop background and because of this Chris Wallace is definitely the next big thing in pop.

His best songs are:

And of course a cover...

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