Next Big Thing: Skrillex

Although many people would argue that Skrillex is already huge, I think that this year will bring Skrillex's music to a whole new audience making him bigger than ever. Last year many people recognized him in the Disney animated film wrek it ralph as the DJ in the penthouse party. Personally I freaked out while watching the movie and kept rewinding to make sure my eyes weren't just fooling me. And even after that I went online to see if I was the only person who saw it. If you listened to the background music in the movie you could hear Skrillex's loud high pitched electronic/house music blaring at hero's duty. Those same sounds are also in the Spring Breakers movie trailer, and on the sound track for the movie.

I remember when Skrillex's music first came out and many people were confused and couldn't stand his music. But as electronic music has risen in popularity over the last few years, people have accepted his music. I hope that this year Skrillex will come out with collaborations with other artists (ones outside of the electronic industry) because his song with elli goulding was amazing!
The thing that I love about Skrillex is that he isn't afraid to be who he is. The fact that you can tell his music apart from anyone else in the electronic industry show how different he is. The way he looks for another, how people can instantly recognize him as a cartoon in a movie who only appeared for a few seconds shows how different he is.

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