Funniest YouTube Videos

I love watching funny YouTube videos, so I thought that i would share what in my opinion have been the funniest. So in no particular order:

1. Lift Pranks
Sam Pepper + JacksGap

2. Boxing Pranks
Sam Pepper + Mazzi Maz

3. Tiger Gymnastics
Oli White

4. Fake Authority Prank
Sam Pepper + Marcus Butler

5. £10 Challenge
Conor Maynard

6. Car Pranking
JacksGap + Marcus Butler

7. Things I Don't Understand About Girls-Part 2
Marcus Butler

8. How to Be a Gymnast
Jack Maynard
Thumbnail 5:11

9. Health and Safety SUCKSOil White
10. Naked Photo PrankPointless Blog + Sam Pepper

11. Old Man Prank TaxiSam Pepper + Marcus Butler

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Humaun Kabir said...

Thanks for such a wonderful post.
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