Next Big Thing: Foxes

Foxes, or Louisa Rose Allen, is another upcoming British artist, who has become one of my alltime favorite artists, ever. Her music is very different that what you hear now days in popculture, which is one of the things I like about her. Her song with Zedd(who is my favorite male artist ever) Clarity reached to #16 (as of 6/12/13) on the US iTunes chart, and has gone mainstream on the radios. Anybody who knows me well, knows that I've been obsessed with the song for a few months now. I blogged about it as one of my favorite songs in April, before it became huge :) But Foxes isn't a one-hit wonder, in fact my favorite song by her is Echo which I blogged about in May. I would HIGHLY recommend checking her out, especially because she is going to be huge. 

And a few of my favorite songs:

And the song i almost died when hearing...cause it is the most beautiful video EVER:

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