Next Big Thing: Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg. His name sounds strange and unusual, but cool, just like his music. Just like all the other upcoming artists these days he is british. When you first here his music it may sound strange and unfamiliar, which is exactly what I thought. Looking at him, I expected his music to be the normal teen pop, but what i found was a indie-folk type music. I disliked it alt first, but then found my self listening to his music more and more, until it found a position on my Top 25 Most Played. Known for smoking and not being the most polite artist in town, he definitely isn't your typical 19-year old. The way he recorded his album isn't normal either, each song was recorded in a different location, when ever he felt like it he recored something whether it was at a friends house or in a recording studio. He also says that after recording a song he doesn't listen to it. If you do like his music he is finally coming out with a US tour which will only cost like $20 a ticket!

Favorite Songs:

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